The story of KADZA by INDRIANNA is an interesting one. It all started when two couples met at Surau Al-Ulum Section 9, Kota Damansara that led to intermarriage between the two countries, Malaysia and Indonesia.

KADZA BY INDRIANNA started its first step officially when it was registered at the Malaysia Companies Commission in May 2015, and legally owned by joint ownership in form of a Business Enterprise (002437805-T) by Mrs. Anna Rosdijanti Ahmat Rusdi and Mrs. Indriani Zulfan.

Prior to being business partners at KADZA, Mrs. Anna and Mrs. Indri had never met or even chatted with each other. They were total strangers but they coincidently had one unique similarity. Both of them are intermarried to a Malaysian and an Indonesian citizen; Mrs. Indri (a citizen of Indonesia) is married to a Malaysian, while Mrs Anna is the opposite (a Malaysian citizen) married an Indonesian, and both husbands work together at the same place and hold similar roles. Mrs. Anna’s husband is the Imam and Mrs Indri’s husband is a Bilal (Muazzin) at Surau Al-Ulum, Seksyen 9, Kota Damansara. Their friendship hit off instantly and the rest is history.

In the beginning, both of them started off by chatting casually about their hobbies and it turns out that they actually had much more in common and both of them have interests on entrepreneurship. Without wasting any time, they planned their startup and ventured into a line of business they both agreed on and that is to make clothing’s for prayers (telekung) as their main product.


Within a year, Kadza has released 3 series, the first batch of Kadza series, (KZ Cotton Series) was launched in June 2015, the second batch The Royal Blossom series (RB Series launched on July 2015) and the third batch Mom and Daughter series and Dayana Hoodie was launched on November 2015

At KADZA, we understand the importance of family and that we all want the best for our children. We want them to be trained at a young age and understand their responsibilities that as a Muslims we all have to pray five times a day. The best person to make this learning process a success would be the mother. This also motivates the children to pray in congregation together with the father, mother and other children. KADZA by INDRIANNA knows this and that is why we have released a special series of telekung that caters exclusively for the mom and daughter. The Mom and Daughter series both have the same design and pattern and just looks amazing for the mom and simply adorable for the child.

KADZA by INDRIANNA’s marketing strategy is more to Online Marketing. We prefer to create an online business because the cost is very minimal for a business startup and we make full use of the social media like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and our website www.kadzafashion.com as our primary medium. We are known in the online world as @kadzafashion and www.kadzafashion.com

We are also merchants to some of the top leading online boutique companies in Malaysia. Among the companies we are associated with are SouqConnection (August 2015), Zalora Malaysia (January 2016), Lawalah.com (February 2016) and Shoppu (a subsidiary of AEON Malaysia) March 2016.

Kadza By Indrianna also attended bazaars organised by leading companies such as MoodRepublik in December 2015 where we shared the platforms together with leading companies such as Telekung Siti Khadijah, Jubah Souq, Naelofar hijab and others.

In addition, we also joined bazaars around Kota Damansara area in Selangor such as Starhype Fiesta -The Strand on November 2015, and Karnival Geng Surau on February 2016

We employ the use of agents in our system. An authorised agents will get a 10% commission of the price without investing or spending any capital. We hope to help single mothers, college and university students, housewives etc to generate their income with us. The main requirement of an agent is diligent, earnest and steadfast in doing the job.

KADZA by INDRIANNA has many plans and visions for the future. Among them is to make the brand well known worldwide and also to become a supplier to established companies such as Giant, Mydin, Giant, Tesco and Jakel. InshaAllah.


KADZA by INDRIANNA’s prayer dress/clothing (telekung) concept is based on modern and printed designs and these are among the unique features and highlights of their brand. Their products are focusing more on patterned and colored prayer clothing that suits the tastes of the Malaysian muslimah and the rest of the world. The most important point of all is it’s Shariah compliant.

At KADZA by INDRIANNA, we chose to make top of the telekung contrasts with the clothing by having a different patterns.

The materials that we use for our products are made from Japanese and Rayon cotton. This is because the nature of the fabrics are very soft, comfortable and is able to absorb sweat. The most important thing is when the fabrics are washed repeatedly it will add softness to the fabric and they are durable.

The telekungs that we produced are all handmade, exclusive and made from high quality materials. We also added high-quality and modern lace as a decoration on the telekung,

All our telekungs are exclusive and limited edition. Our company does not repeat any printed design that is already sold out. Once it’s sold out, that’s it. We move to the next batch of patterns.

Among the features of our telekungs that is unique is the fact it is based on modern concept and it is Sharia-compliant, and covers the chin. Top of the telekung has a length of 120cm and the width of 130cm, the skirt is 125cm in length and the width is 75cm. While on the face, we use a specific type of cloth that provides real cover to the face, not easily stretched when bowing or while in prostration. This is because the fabrics that we use are very elastic and comfortable and is suited for any kind of face shape whether round or oval etc.

Our Telekung also has a two in one (2 in 1) function. It comes equipped with a bag and can be used as a prayer mat for the face. It is simple, more convenient, practical and convenient to bring along anywhere. For example when travelling overseas, performing the Umrah, Hajj or can also be used as a present or gift for engagement ceremonies or couples getting married. They are very unique and simply beautiful.

Moreover, it can be used as a gift to friends who are celebrating their happy day. Because the Prophet taught us as His servant we should always be thankful and say Alhamdulillah when receiving good news. Prostration is the closest situation between a servant and the Lord AllahuRabbi.