At KADZAFASHION, We offer a wide variety of Muslimah products and we plan to keep expanding, Inshaa Allah.

We started this store as an online telekung shop and offered a wide selection of exclusive handmade telekung/prayer robes for the lovely muslimah to choose from. Our telekung/prayer robes are made from different kinds of materials such as cotton, chiffon, lace etc.

We have received tremendous support and lots of positive feedback from our customers. Please take your time and browse through our complete collection with many categories to choose from. We hope you will find something here that will help bring you closer to the Creator. Aamiin.

Check out our latest models – the Royal Blossom series and the Mom & Daughter series. They are currently our customer’s favourites and bestsellers.

For those of you who would like a hassle free way to put on a hijab. We are excited to announce that we will have a limited supply of THE DAYANA INSTANT HIJAB/SHAWL/HOODIE collection available now. Forget about using pins and taking a long time to put on a hijab. It is super quick and easy to put on.

Please have a look around and browse our complete line of products. THANK YOU.